Synthetic Biology Documentary

Via Kickstarter:

Synthetic Biology is a new approach to genetic engineering. It can make E. Coli bacteria smell like fresh rain, turn sunlight into gasoline, make concrete buildings heal themselves, or goats produce spider silk in their milk. These are strange technologies certainly, but these examples help demonstrate what is possible and already happening with the tools of synthetic biology.
The goal of this project is to provide an even-handed and engaging survey of current genetic engineering, and in particular, this emerging field of synthetic biology. While there is still some ambiguity about the precise definition, synthetic biology seems to always point at a new perspective in the field of genetic science. This new perspective comes from engineers turning their attention from other fields towards biological sciences and the structures of DNA. They see DNA as programmable code, cells as systems built of genetic circuits, and biology as a platform from which manufacturing systems can be created.
The film will follow the ten year history of this new idea and will explore the basic science of molecular biology, which allows for an understanding of how the technology works. This creates a framework for a look into how industrial technologies develop and mature, how scientific investigation is adapted by engineering, and what exactly the difference between science and engineering is. It also raises questions about how life is defined, where ethical boundaries ought to be established, and how controllable or wild nature really is.