A bodyhacker's wish list.

Interessant artikel in Wired.co.uk in de afdeling Transhumanism: Sleep replacement and 3D-printed shapeshifting: a bodyhacker's wish list. Daaruit de volgende WishList:

2013 to 2014
Wireless file storage
Subdermal navigation system
Brain-only control of temperature of my house

Five to ten years
Replacement of heart
Sensors on remaining major organs
Proximity sensors
Internal alarms
Enriched blood (enriched with oxygen)

10 to 20 years
Replacement of most major organs
Maths coprocessor (OMG I want this so bad)
Replacement and entire brain system (audio cortex maybe?)
Toxin filtration
Replacement of hands
B2C (brain to computer) wireless interface with internet
Emotional "volume"
B2B (brain to brain) wireless interface

20 to 40 years
Majority of body replaced
50 percent plus of brain replaced
Back up "brain"
Levitation tech
No need for food or oxygen
Temporal tuning (slow the perception of time)