British scientists discover 'secret to ageing'

Interessant onderzoek - wellicht iets te hoopvol, ik geloof het pas als ik het zie.

The international team of researchers based Newcastle University have reportedly unlocked the secret as to how and why living cells grow old by discovering the biochemical pathway involved in ageing.
The study, together with German experts from the University of Ulm, could lead to a “much better chance of making a successful attack on age-related diseases”.

The results, published by the journal Molecular Systems Biology, also showed that when an ageing cell detects serious DNA damage that could be caused by general wear from life it sent out internal signals to the brain.
These distress signals trigger the cell’s “mitochondria”, or its tiny energy-producing power packs, to make “free radical” molecules.
This in turn informs the cell to either to destroy itself or stop dividing which is aimed at avoiding damaged DNA that can cause cancer.
It also reportedly plays down the role of telomeres, which are the protective tips on the ends of human chromosomes, which gradually become shorter as humans age.

Ook interessant is dat de rol van telomeren in het verouderingsproces hier wat minder belangrijk wordt geacht.

“There has been a huge amount of speculation about how blocking telomere erosion might cure ageing and age-related diseases,” Prof Kirkwood said. “The telomere story has over-promised and the biology is more complicated.

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