The Bionic Eye

When Canadian filmmaker Rob Spence was a kid, he would peer through the bionic eye of his Six Million Dollar Man action figure. After a shooting accident left him partially blind, he decided to create his own electronic eye. Now he calls himself Eyeborg.
Spence's bionic eye contains a battery-powered, wireless video camera. Not only can he record everything he sees just by looking around, but soon people will be able to log on to his video feed and view the world through his right eye.

Via IEEE Spectrum.

Spence's video feeds zijn inmiddels online te vinden, al is alles nog experimenteel.

Eyeborg wants to put AR in his head - that's augmented reality. What is augmented reality? Buy the Eyeborg t-shirt and find out!

Het geeft weer een nieuwe dimensie aan het betrekkelijk nieuwe fenomeen "Life-Logging", de SenseCam (ca $ 500) is nog niet eens in Nederland te koop en nu al verouderd.
Nog wat Slashdot-humor:

(gzipped_tar) As soon as he looks at some copyrighted material, the *AA will find him and gouge out his blood-dripping, cyborg eye.
(maxwell demon) He needs an eye patch when going to the cinema. In other words, he would have to look like a pirate in order to not be accused to be one. :-)