10 Profound Innovations Ahead


Sommige van deze uitvindingen klinken nog behoorlijk ver weg, maar nr. 7 uit deze reeks voorspellingen is zeker binnen afzienbare tijd haalbaar:

Know It All
People could eventually hold a hitchhiker's guide to everything that they see. Pick up a carton of OJ in the supermarket, and nutritional comparisons about that brand would appear. Flip through a new bestseller in the bookstore, and reader reviews might flash on the pages. MIT has already unveiled a prototype of such a technology in 2009, which combines a webcam, a projector and a smart phone to link the Internet's vast array of information with the real world. Such wearable devices would work together with embedded "smart" systems and tags to create an augmented reality, where staring at a street might bring up GPS coordinates and a local map. In the 21st century, information reigns supreme.